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Ministry of Industry: Petroleum and Chemical Industry, "12 5" Start Planning

Time: 2009-12-2
  According to the Ministry of Industry and web site information, to further improve the Petroleum and Chemical Industry, "12 Five-Year" plan for the work in planning on the basis of preliminary studies, the Department of Industry and Information Technology Planning Division, Raw Material Industry in conjunction with Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute held a petroleum and chemical industries "12 5" planning seminar.
  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Planning, Deputy Director Shu-Ping, deputy director of industrial raw materials, China Long Yuan, Gao Yun Hu to participate in the meeting and speak. Gao Yun Hu in his speech pointed out that all localities and departments to the region, the industrys plan to deploy, attach importance to the oil and chemical industries, "12 5" that process, to plan-making process of the industry development status, industry development of the major issues and ideas for development of the industry as a whole system of study and reflection, properly handle the government and the market, the central enterprises and local economy, volume and structure, regional development and the overall layout, industrial upgrading and development of new materials, industrial development and environmental protection, such as bringing in and going out of relationships. At the meeting, the provinces for petrochemical, chemical industry, the comrades of the exchange forum, and the preparation for the planning, to mention some good comments and suggestions.

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