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Changqing oil 8 to take measures to fine water injection plant

Time: 2009-12-2
  May 12, Changqing Oilfield 8 factory new 54-103 wells per day from 1 tons to 2.8 tons. Water injection plant technical staff quipped: "Some ultra-low permeability reservoirs hidden in dense gap in the lazy elements, do not take water injection in the backside to it kick kick, not so diligent in running out . "
  Annual output of 1 million tons of crude oil has raised the scale of production capacity of Changqing Oilfield development of eight plants, 1,258 existing wells, injection wells 301. Water injection in oil field development to play a pivotal role in formation only to provide enough energy, relying on water flooding effect, to the crude oil buried deep in the ground, push out. However, whether timely injection water enough water, the water injection well, smooth water injection, low permeability reservoir of scientific development is essential. Faced with a new one on the production target, careful analysis of oil eight plants the whole plant and the geological structure of each block injection status quo, the new mining blocks, the use of skid mounted equipment, advanced injection, the formation energy increase to the original energy of 110 %, and guarantee the energy reservoir is not hurt, "vitality" of the case, the re-introduction of crude oil; injection wells that have been put into operation, from the meter reading accuracy and the accuracy of the information and the taking of water quality, water management, water index and stratigraphic extent of the actual needs of the match, a mouthful for "medical" diagnosis, once problems are detected immediately for rectification.
  According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of this year, the new plant investment and oil production up to play eight injection wells 43, the rectification of the water injection technology system supporting 2, ahead of production injection wells 20, according to strata change on 18 injection wells put in place adjustments effectively maintain and complement the reservoir energy, increase production rate and recovery factor, the effective protection of the economic development of the reservoir.

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