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CNOOC to determine priorities this year QHSE

Time: 2009-12-2
  According to head QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) Work Conference, QHSE department head has a clear annual targets and 13 key work, and the units annual target for the review and exchange.
This year the Corporation will continue to promote the production and effective QHSE management system, to ensure that no major injury accidents, direct economic losses of more than 1 million yuan of accidents, major responsibilities and major environmental events (equal to) safety incidents.
Combined with the development of environmental health and safety arising from the multifaceted challenges and annual update of the "QHSE five-year rolling plan", head office will continue to strengthen this system and system construction, system audit and special inspection carried out in strict supervision of the construction project and the main pollution control facilities projects designed, constructed and put into use the "three at the same time."
This year, the company continues to implement environmental protection supervision and hidden special rectification, promote clean production, development, implementation of environmental management and assessment system for rating the implementation of emission reduction targets and the Offshore Oil and Gas Corporation, the implementation of new emission standards for field transformation of measures, to carry out real-time offshore oil field pilot monitoring system, the establishment of submarine oil pipeline oil spill risk assessment system to enhance the dynamic management of oil spill contingency plans and pollution prevention.
Companies to standardize emergency systems and specialized construction work as the focus of this years QHSE work, efforts to promote their units do a good job building emergency management system, and focus on the construction of professional emergency rescue team, with emphasis on middle and downstream businesses, the new M & A business contingency construction and improvement of management systems, strengthen crisis management plans and emergency management information system, emergency management systems to ensure high performance and stability; to further promote and improve the dynamic tracking system to the sea and the ship personnel dynamic tracking management system used in upstream business, the dynamic control of overseas personnel information.
2010, HSE was renamed the Department of Environmental Quality Health and Safety Department, increased the quality of supervision and management functions. Corporation this year will begin the preparation of quality long-term planning programs; to promote continuous improvement plans to the implementation of all subordinate units; promote the construction of their units in quality management team; supervision Construction Projects in design quality, safety evaluation of quality; on all units operating machinery and equipment systematic inspection of the facilities inspection, assessment and evaluation. Meanwhile, the head QHSE Department will strengthen the supervision and quality supervision, inspection, testing, assessment, supervision and management of third party establishments to promote the professional ranks.
In addition, QHSE Department will also strengthen communication with the government, give full play to government guidance and coordination role; carry dangerous chemicals unit of special strengthening management practitioners; to strengthen occupational health and hazards management; rich QHSE personnel qualifications and quality of training; advance Climate deal of research and participation; perfect idea Publicizing the Global Compact and sustainable development system; rich tools for information exchange and knowledge sharing.

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