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Sinopec set up Natural Gas Project Management Division

Time: 2009-12-2
  May 17, Sinopec issued a notice to set up the China Petrochemical Company Limited Natural Gas Project Management Division (the "Ministry of Natural Gas Project"). Department of the project "East Gas Transmission Construction Project of the party work," engineering technology, site construction, safety and environmental protection technology and management-based, are stock companies affiliated unincorporated organization, management, bureau-level specification is positive, is headquartered in acid gas supervision and management of exploration and development, technical support and coordination services, oil field exploration and development of business operations under the jurisdiction of the Department of Management. Program Office to oversee the implementation of acidic gas exploration and development, East Gas Transmission Project Construction-site supervision and management services work to set up engineering office, construction management offices and other six departments, offices, department level, and temporary control of the following Dingyuan 70 people within the short term office space up for the City of Sichuan Province.

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